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While many people are still searching for their calling well into their 30’s, Jacksonville, Florida native, Ciara Quaintance, is one of those rare individuals that discovered her true gift at the ripe age of 13.

Ciara began her career as a fearlessly-driven event planner and promoter as a pre-teen when she "borrowed" her mom's check book without her knowledge, booked a venue space, and threw a party. Furious that Ciara had gone behind her mother's back and secured a venue without her permission, her mom's aggression would soon be put to rest once she saw how successful her daughter’s party planning would be; thus “Miss Event Planner” was born. From there, business only picked up. She went on to throw the biggest Senior Skip Day parties that the city of Jacksonville had ever seen. Partnering up with fellow teen promoter DJ Pretty Ricky, Ciara was able to execute an epic “03.03.03 Senior Skip Day” party that left party goers talking about it for years to come.  The party jolted Ciara’s passion for event planning and promotions.

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