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Music Service Packages

Artist Meet and Greet (Listening Suite): Starting at $1000

(Venue, Extensive Décor & Catering is NOT Included but I have vendors that can provide these services at an additional cost)

  • 2-3 weeks of Social Media Promo prior to the event (depending on your booking date)
  • Digital Promo Provided (Flyer)If need: printing available if requested but not included in the fee) ($50 additional) 
  • Appetizers provided(for approximately 15 people)including: 2 Platters of food such as Sub Tray-varieties of meats, chicken tender/wings,  Fruit or Veggie Tray, and drinks (if not provided by the venue) **Liquor is not included in this price. ** Anything additional besides the 2 platters, I will recommend a caterer. Pricing varies and are not included in my service package 
  • 2 dozen of branded desserts; I also have a dessert table option which will include 3-4 dozen of a variety of customized desserts and décor pertaining to the artist will be displayed as well starting at $200. 
  • DJs, Promoters, Music industry affiliates, artists, and many more will be invited formally to the Listening Suite predominantly from the Central Florida area or the requested area of the event.(Approximately 15+ guests)
  • During the Listening Suite, we will play your music, any visuals of your campaign will be distributed throughout the venue, and we will have a listening session which the artist will also  provide drops for our DJS, in return the Guests will provide feedback of the artist project.
  • Depending on the venue, the artist will be able to do a showcase or a discussion regarding their music, their brand, and their current campaign.
  • (ALL Promotional material must be given to the coordinator within 72 hours of the event)

  • ***Prices subject to change depending on the chosen venue for the event, food and beverages selections.

  • **I request to have manpower to assist with the breakdown and cleanup of the event, if this not available; a cleaning fee of $175 will be added and will need to be paid prior to setup. 

  • Ciara is NOT responsible for the clean up of this event, any fees assessed by venue for this reason will be the client full responsibly to pay. 


    Social Media Blast: starting $150 per week or $450 for 4 weeks of Promo

    • 1-2 weeks of Social Media Promo on MissEp_Ciara’s social media and a blast by her affiliates. 

    *Ciara’s Service Charge for events: $75 per hour/ minimum of 4 hours ($300); Plus booking fee of $150 (non refundable)

    **If the event is not located in Orlando, FL, and no further than 125 miles radius, It will be $150 travel fee added to the overall service charge

    *Events outside of the Orlando, Travel (Rental, Gas, Flights, Hotel, etc. accommodation are required at 4+star hotel)  (Hotel preference IHG, Marriott, or Hilton)

    **If the event is more than a 200 mile radius from Orlando, additional travel fees will be assessed.


  • 10%-15% of the booking fee of the Artist
  • This fee will include communication from Ciara to the artist management company & the client; Ciara will assist with negotiation of contract with an intent to be in favor of the client that is booking the artist/talent; promotion of the event on Miss Ciara social media pages (IG=15k followers; Facebook=5000+ personal and fan page); and event logistics such as assisting with Social Media, Eventbrite and Facebook (target marketing), etc. 
  • If Ciara is needed to assist with the management, artist hospitality and coordination of the event, she will charge the discounted hourly fee of $75 (minimum 4  hours=$300); plus booking fee of $150. 

  • *Separate Contract is required and needs to be signed by client and Miss Ciara.


    • 50 % Deposit required at booking (events only) and the remaining balance must be paid in full within 72 hours of the event. 
    • All other services, full payment is required prior to any services being rendered

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